We are now offering a 2 Pack Hardcover Notebook.  Get 2 Notebooks for the $14.99 price.  These notebooks are slightly smaller than our regular notebooks measuring 5.3" by 8.25" but they are still hardcover, pocket inside, and one page ribbon marker.  


UNLIKE OTHER NOTEBOOKS that offer fewer pages and inferior gsm paper, the SCRIVWELL HARDCOVER NOTEBOOK is 240 dotted pages of high quality 100 gsm paper.  The Scrivwell Notebook is designed to be a sturdy notebook to be taken everywhere you go.  It is ideal for BULLET JOURNALING, TRAVEL JOURNALING, and holding your CREATIVE IDEAS.  Journaling daily is the best way to improve yourself because it serves as a release, incubator of ideas, and a way to track what we do and why we do it.


GREAT VALUE – Enjoy 240 dotted pages in your Scrivwell Hardcover Notebook.  With more pages you can enjoy the convenience and organization of one notebook to cover a longer period of time.  With more pages not only do you save money but also you’ll never have to worry about purchasing multiple notebooks to record your yearly progress.  Scrivwell takes pride in giving its customers not only a high quality notebook but great value. 


PREMIUM PAPER -  Scrivwell uses recyclable 100 gsm high quality ivory writing paper.  The paper is smooth to the touch.  It contains dotted pages perfect for bullet journals, artistic journals, and writing.  Paper is suitable for most pens except the wettest inks and alcohol based markers. 


DESIGNED FOR THE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE -   Measuring 5.25 x 8.25 inches this journal is small enough to fit easily in your backpack, purse or travel bag but large enough not to be easily misplaced.  The HARDCOVER is designed to provide that hard writing surface to make writing and sketching easier in most conditions.  Other features include an ELASTIC CLOSURE to keep the notebook closed when not in use; EXPANDABLE FOLDER in the back cover to hold your notes, tickets, or mementos; PAGE RIBBON MARKER to always be able to keep your place. 


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – At Scrivwell we are passionate about journaling and providing the right tools for writers and creatives.  Scrivwell provides complete CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Our customers are important and we are honored to be of service to them.  If for any reason you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, we will replace or refund your order, no questions asked.  Contact us directly or through our website, we would love to help. 

2 Pack Black Hardcover Notebook

$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price